Little pianist with big dreams


At a very young age, Lele started to show great interest in and passion about music. Thanks to her piano talent and skills, Lele quickly gained national and international acclaims via various competitions and public appearances at prestigious venues and TV shows, e.g., American Protégé, Steinway Youth piano competition, Carnegie Hall, United Nations Headquarter, and Union College Memorial Chapel, as well as America's Got Talent and Kelly Clarkson Show.

After having her first benefit concert performance, Lele set her dream and goal is to use her music to spread love and happiness to the community and then the entire world. While she enjoys performing at grand stages, but she gets even more happiness and fun when playing piano for the senior citizens in the local social centor. During the pandemic, her soothing music has been delivered to front-line medical heroes and the people in need at hospitals, senior centers, and care facilities. Lele was awarded a Certificate of Merit from New York State Assemblyman. Her piano talent and her stories were covered by various media outlets, including NBC, Fox5, and Newsday.

When not playing piano, Lele is into her book writing and golf playing.


Recital 10th Positive Note

10 Positive notes mark my age of 10. I'd love to spread joy and love every year!


A spring song at the end of summer

Warm but not that hot. Soft and lively but not that lazy. That is my feeling of spring and this piece.


Dance to Bach Gigue

Another piece from my favorite composer. Hope you can hear a dance of 3.


Warm up of the recital

Dance! Run! Fly!!!


Happy New Year!

Best wishes in 2023 with this lively piece to the people who always support and inspire me!


Goodbye Summer Tan.

Summer is almost gone. Ready for something serious and classical, like school, and this piece... ?


"Power" of music!

This is the piece giving me the power and courage to win a golf tournament, or any game!


Speed! Speed!

Czerny Op.740, such a fun finger-twister!


Heal the World!

A tribute to MJ again. Hope his music can encourage people and heal the world amid this global pandemic!


Party with classical music

So much fun to play (and dance) in such a beautiful holiday party. And thankfully, my loved Mozart Sonata lands me my first gig.


Bach music - Mathematical Olympiad alike

Bach is always challenging to most pianists, but I love this brain-twister type of pieces as a kindergartener.


Carnegie Hall Return

Second Carnegie performance after placing 1st and Judge Distinction Award of American Protege.


Daughter-Father Duo

I lost count of playing solos, but that was the first time to perform with my Dad on stage at 4.

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23Dec '22

I love playing piano, and love writting and drawing too. So I authored this illustrated fiction Lenna's Music Adventure. Hope it can inspire kids to have fun with piano playing, and use it to spread joy and love to the people around. For more info, check my book site thelelebooks.com. Hope you will like it. If so, please leave me a message, or a book review.