20Nov '23

Lele presented a $1000 check as a giveback to Sing For Hope (SFH), a NYC-based national known nonprofit organization harnessing the power of music to create a better world. SFH's colorful pianos decorate NYC with music notes and visual arts at the same time. Lele received this fund from Kelly Clarkson Show of her act of kindness. Now the fund, together with the love it signifies, was passed along to generate more spirit-lifting pianos and music to the people in the city as well as throughout the whole country. Music is contagious, and so is love.

20Jun '23

Do you know that more than 3 millions of American students have no music class in school, and over 30 millions of children have no books to read? I was shocked that so many kids can not experience the beauty of music from books or music instruments themselves. I want to spread the joy I got from music to all the kids who love to read. Using the proceeding of the sales of my book "Lenna's Music Adventure", I donated a few dozens of copies of the book to "Kids Need To Read", a national non-profit organization helping the kids to get access to affordable books. I really hope these books can help more kids get a lot of fun from reading and get to know more about music.

23Dec '22

I love playing piano, and love writing and drawing too. So I authored this illustrated fiction Lenna's Music Adventure. Hope it can inspire kids to have fun with piano playing, and use it to spread joy and love to the people around. For more info, check my book site Hope you will like it. If so, please leave me a message, or a book review.